The Investment Process


First, we get to know you.  Your financial situation, your behavior towards volatility, risk tolerance, investment objective, investment experience and where you are in your personal life cycle and other important factors.

Second, with your permission, we obtain your current investments.  We carefully analyze your current investments and determine how your investments align with the results of our analysis conducted in step one.

Third, using our asset allocation tool, we select the most appropriate investment options for you and perform our optimization analysis to provide that the selected options meet your risk tolerance, investment objective, and time horizon.
Our investment professionals routinely study and analyze numerous investment products to include:

  • ETFs ( Exchange Traded Funds)
  • Mutual Funds
  • Institutional Investment Managers
  • Alternative Products such as managed Futures, Commodities, Real Estate, The Household Endowment Model and many other specialty products.
  • Insurance products

We perform detailed due diligence on all products to determine which ones may be best suited for our programs, models, and clients.  We only offer products that are well suited for our clients.